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1 hour ago
👋 It's that time again → new month = new social media headers!

We're still thrilled over @NASAPersevere's landing so we're changing our headers to the #publicdomain image of #Mars you voted as your favorite: World of Snow Dunes! 🚀🔴
creativecommons photo
Creative Commons @creativecommons
And the winner is...🥁..."World of Snow Dunes"!

This image was taken in May 2017 by @NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It shows snow and ice made up of carbon dioxide covering dunes on Mars following winter. #CountdownToMars

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2 hours ago
#OpenEducationWeek is an annual celebration where we share and learn about our global community’s achievements in #openeducation. 🔓📚

Join us and share your open education work!
3 days ago
" #openaccess to digital collections 🔓🖼 transfers significant power from institutions to the communities they exist to serve, including scholars, educators and creators," writes @CultureDoug, "It has become an essential facet of the 21st-century museum."
4 days ago
Can #openscience and #opendata help prevent the next pandemic? 🔬🦠 Explore this question and more in our upcoming panel with @Brigitte_Vezina, @trklou, @timjph, and @ProfUma5.

🗓: Tuesday, March 16
🕚: 11:00 – 12:20 EST
🌎: Anywhere!
✍️: Register below!
4 days ago
Another birthday!? ☺️🎂 Congratulations @Sketchfab on 1-year of your #publicdomain initiative! creativecommons photo

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6 minutes ago
March 1 - 5, 2021 is Open Education Week #OEWeek. Join Madison College Libraries to learn more about #OER and #CreativeCommons by dropping into FREE workshops. Join here: madcollegelib photo

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