Statcounter was launched in 1999 and is owned by Statcounter. The domain was created on 2000-01-05.

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We’re very excited today to announce the official public launch of session replay for statcounter! Now everyone can gain incredible understanding and empathy of their website visitors without needing a degree in digital marketing. #sessionreplay #ux
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This counter-intuitive method is used by conversion rate optimization professionals and will mean spending less time looking through session replays to find the obstacles preventing your visitors from converting. #cro #sessionreplay
Check out our latest interview with @AmieHoffNYC Co-founder & CEO of FitKit. Amie tells us how FitKit is removing visitor frustrations and increasing conversions with Session Replay.

#sessionreplay #ux #ecommercebusiness
What if you could see exactly what’s preventing your visitors from becoming customers? See how Session Replay removes the blind spots and helps you convert more visitors to customers. #sessionreplay #webanalytics #ecommerce
The top 10 reasons visitors are leaving your site within the first few seconds (and what you can do about it) #webanalytics

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