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2 hours ago
A survey of 53k apps found advertisers target teens at an alarming rate. COPPA should extend to protect everyone under 18.

"There’s no way to address the problem of the (ad tech) ecosystem & data being tracked about teens w/out regulation of some form.”
1 day ago
A #vaccinepassport mobile phone app is a privacy concern, @jimkillock tells @toryboypierce.

"The technology behind it needs to be for [health/safety], not for tracking. Government needs to have public confidence."

Listen to the podcast episode here:
2 days ago
Finding it hard to stay private online? You’re not alone: “What we found through our research […] is that people want privacy but they feel powerless to do anything about it.” We’re making it simple.

Full @Malwarebytes "Why Privacy Matters" podcast ep:
3 days ago
Google & Facebook collectively own 66% of the top 15 mobile apps: "As they face lawsuits over market dominance, the question of how much of the mobile app economy — & the digital economy writ large — they own will grow more urgent," says @sarafischer.
4 days ago
Facebook didn't make this ad because they care about small business. Facebook made this ad because they want to protect their privacy-abusing business model.

Non-creepy advertising works. Read this:
4 days ago
The fight for privacy has been largely individualized, but it's bigger than that. "The danger is that we focus too much on the creepy individual-level stuff at the expense of the more diffuse, but equally urgent, collective concerns," says @GiladEdelman.

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31 minutes ago
#DuckDuckGo lance Maps, une alternative à #GoogleMaps qui protège votre vie privée
7 hours ago
ich kann den Hype um #duckduckgo nicht verstehen. startpage/ixquick ist viel besser.
8 hours ago
Ik #duckduckgo dat wel eens.
Ik #duckduckgode dat gisteren reeds.
Ik heb dat vorige week nog #geduckduckgood.

#duckduckgoën (vervoegen als bingoën)

DuckDuckGo Commerciële Doorverkoop Van Jouw Privégegevens Nieuwsletters
Vlaamse_Zaak photo
16 hours ago
Duck Duck Goは

ただ、Duck Duck Goに登録する方法はなく、

#DuckDuckGo #検索エンジン
17 hours ago
@GlennFrese @TaraSetmayer How could tweet this when all you have to do is search on #duckduckgo for all of the Hunter cr @ck smoking photos? Some were taken within the last 6 months!

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