GitHub was launched in 2008 and is owned by GitHub, Inc.. The domain was created on 2007-10-09.

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    Wikipedia a multilingual, web-based, free encyclopedia based on a model of openly editable and viewable content, a wiki.
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    Internet Archive is a digital library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites and a wayback machine. Screenshot

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What are the books that have most impacted your career in code?

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What keeps you motivated to further your career in tech?
You can auto-hide columns in your project boards! 🎉 #ICYMI check out our Changelog for more details.
Life after you land in tech: @klintron asks 3 tech professionals about milestones, mentors, and meaning.

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day 22:
Today I did multilabel classification using ANN and predicted images across 10 different labels.

Also used callbacks to identify the optimal learning rate.

#100DaysOfCode #MachineLearning #python #github #Arduino
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