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Weekly Publisher Spotlight: Strike Magazine

See how Strike Magazine creators are breaking conventions and boundaries in publishing with their most recent edition with University of Notre Dame on Issuu
To help you kick start your summer travel planning, we've curated our own list of top travel ideas and destinations for 2022 and beyond from Issuu publishers! Check it out! 🌍 ✈️
Weekly Publisher Spotlight: @nuscimag

Check out Issue 51: Polar where Northeastern University students explore what it means to be polar and polarized
"Life, no matter how much we may want or try, continues. History is written, we create memories, the universe doesn't care about our expectations"

Check out the most recent thought-provoking edition from @Woroni
In case you missed the webinar about our Mailchimp integration last week, check out our recap blog that includes the recording. Learn how to create GIFs in Issuu and share them directly to your email campaigns!
May is #NationalPetMonth, and we're celebrating with Lowcountry Dog Magazine's most recent publication on Issuu! See how Lowcountry Dog is serving as a valuable resource for dog owners and sharing the essence of the southern dog lifestyle 🐶 🐕

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